Kids: Indikidual










Indikidual are one of my favourite new kids’ brands. They make relaxed and comfy, organic cotton clothes with cute prints and playful details, which are just the sort of thing children should wear to play in. My favourites are the denim button back Bubble top and yellow banana print harem trousers. I interviewed founder Syreeta Johnson to find out more about the brand.

What inspired you to start Indikidual?
When I went back to work after having my daughter Minnie and really struggled to get the balance between my job, Minnie, and my own life so I started to think of alternative solutions. I have always worked in fashion and have been a buyer and designer for women’s, men’s and kids’ wear so I just decided to do what I do but for myself. Now I can work my schedule around family life which is great. I no longer feel like I’m being pulled in all directions!
I love creating clothing which is a bit different to your usual kids’ wear. When Minnie was born I was shocked that she had such a strong personality from such a young age and I really wanted to create a clothing range that reflected that kids are quirky, funny and unique in their own little way.
What are the ideas behind the current collection?
The SS13 collection is all about travel, with banana shaped balloons on the babygrows and colourful images of Russian architecture. The all over prints are geometric and colours are monochrome mixed with bold brights.
The shapes are mostly unisex and can be mixed and matched to create a range of different looks.
What materials do you use and where do you manufacture the pieces?
We use 100% Organic Jersey from India. I’m really exited to be adding some organic indigo denim for AW13.
What is your favourite thing to do with your kids?
Me and Minnie love dancing. We often have a ‘disco’ in the living room, usually around 5ish when I’m running out of ideas! We pull down the blinds, put Minnie’s disco light on and blast some tunes. She loves anything with a good beat, Daft Punk is a big favourite. She’s totally mastered the robot by watching their ‘Around the World’ video!
What is your favourite children’s book?
We love Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi is such a cool little girl, she does as she pleases, makes up crazy stories and turns everything into an adventure.
Do you have any exciting plans for the future?
We are just about to start working on the photoshoot for next spring/summers collection which is always exciting. Then we have all the trade shows coming up, this year we will be in London, Paris and Florence. I’m really looking forward to Paris, my sister is coming with me so I will have a partner in crime!